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K Tighe - Director
Kevin Tighe – Director

I have lived in the village for 3 years.  We moved for work but wanted to be part of the community.  We joined the community group and found out about the CIC and have been members for 2 years.  I became a director at the last AGM.

I like to get stuck in and if there is something that needs doing, I am on hand to provide my assistance where I can.

Apart from helping on the land and assisting with the maintenance and projects on the land, I as a qualified Data Protection Officer can also ensure we are compliant with relevant legislation.  I have held various roles within my career but my heart belongs to community development from my work starting in social housing for 20 plus years.

| look forward to developing the land and bringing the local community together in the coming months and years to ensure the land can be a place for the community to learn from the land and the wildlife that we hope to attract. This project is a long-term investment with me and the other directors wanting to ensure we build something that can be enjoyed for generations to come.